Kickstarting the American healthcare revolution

Who Are We?

Ten years ago, 8/10 Americans were considered health illiterate. Today, it's 9/10. The United States is suffering an unsustainable decline in healthcare understanding, and something needs to change.

Our mission at Buzz Fit is to help the American people understand and appreciate their health. Specifically, we motivate individuals to better manage their health, implement meaningful lifestyle changes, and build their knowledge of common health risks and treatments.

While educating 300 million people isn't easy, we have a solution. Buzz Fit brings its best-in-class healthcare education to the one place where people are most receptive to it: the waiting room.

What sets us apart is that our health content isn't just accurate and educational - it's also thoroughly entertaining. Since patients enjoy watching our content, they take the information onboard and digest it.

This has a knock-on effect. Patients start to consider their health on a broader scale. They will ask more incisive questions, be more diligent with their medication, and investigate the treatments and procedures offered by their practice.

To put it more simply, they build their health literacy. And that's what Buzz Fit is all about.

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