Delivery policy

Pick dispatch and delivery options

When you order from Buzz Fit, you’ll choose a dispatch method when you check out. Your choice will affect how long it takes for your order to be delivered.

Get free delivery

In some areas, you may be offered free delivery if you order specific quantities or your order meets a minimum price. Free delivery may be changed or discontinued at any time.

Track your shipment

Learn how to track your shipment here.

Split shipments

If you have ordered more than one device, your order may be sent in more than one shipment to ensure you get your items as stock is available.

Understand split shipments

– You can’t combine shipments or split your order into more than one shipment yourself.
– The delivery price at checkout is for your whole order. Shipments costs for each shipment are charged when your orders are dispatched.
– You are only charged for the items that are dispatched.
– If you need to change a delivery address or cancel your order, it will depend on the status of the shipment at that time.

Any changes you wish to make to your order must be made at on each shipment also.

Note: The same shipment option is used for all shipments in your order.

Extended holiday returns

All purchases made between 8 December 2019 and 25 December 2019 have an extended return date of 21 January 2020. Purchases made after 25 December 2019 are subject to the Standard Return Policy for all states.

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